Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Latest Long Hair Style

Latest Long Hair Style
When women are on the look out for hair styles to copy or imitate, they always look to celebrities for inspiration. And why not, celebrities always come up with fantastic hairstyles either for every day wear or for formal dos or events. Here are some fantastic hairstyles for long hair worn by celebrities. Half up, half down hair of Ashley Judd is great for every day wear or for formal event and the good news is it flatters any hair type.

Here is how to do it.Put back half of the hair using the tip of the eyebrows as guide all the way to the top of the head and fastened it with hairpins for a slack look or with a barrette for a sleek, firm look .Sweep the unfastened hair down one shoulder and sweep short layers of hair or bangs to the side.Celebrities are the best model for hair cuts and hair styles and they never fail to deliver.
These celebrities considered as fashion icons set the trend for hair styles that become the hot and it hair styles for the season.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Bright Bobbles

OK so I just fell for these ASOS bobble hats completely. Someone's obviously coming to terms with colder temperatures and darker nights, like we have a choice here...

Click here, here and here to snap them up!

Urdu Beauty Tips

Urdu Beauty Tips

Vegetables have vitamin and minerals which are very useful for skin beauty. Skin care tips in Urdu.

Urdu Beauty Tips For Face Care

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Vegetables are very useful for face beauty you can make your face more beautiful by using vegetables.

Urdu Beauty Tips about Steam makes the face glow and beautiful

Urdu Beauty Tips – Urdu Totkey

How to make your face glow with the effect of beauty in Urdu

Urdu Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips of making the face beautiful in Urdu

Beauty Tips for Dry Hairs in Urdu

Urdu Beauty Tips

Beuty Tips for Dry Hairs in Different Easiest Ways, Solution for Getting Rid of Dry Hairs in Urdu

Eid 2011 Collection

Eid Collection

2011 Eid Collection for Men kurta Shalwar, Kids Dresses and women, girls dresses.

Eid Fashion 2011 by Gul Ahmed Lawn

Eid dress designs for girls, men and kids by Gul Ahmed Lawn.

Eid Kurta Collection

Pakistani designer’s kurta collection for eid 2011.

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Eid Girls Dressings

Girls Dressing fashion designs for eid 2011 in Pakistan and India by Gul Ahmed Lawn.

Junaid Jamshed Kurta Designs For Eid 2011

In Pakistani men fashion Junaid Jamshed’s boutique name is well known in kurta collection.

Eid Mehndi Designs 2011

Eid Mehndi Designs 2011

In Subcontinent (Pakistan, India) mehndi is used by girls for functions like shadi, nikah, mehndi, eid, and other party gatherings. In mhndi designs the most popular is Arabic mehndi design.

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Celebrity Short Hairstyle

    Fashion trends have been moving constantly with the change in hairstyles of stars, models and other celebrities. The latest trends in hairstyles comes from the movies and TV shows. The classic short haircut was popularized by Audrey Hepburn and reviewed by Halle Berry. Today Halle Berry is popularly known as the queen of short hairs.
    Short Celebrity Haircuts
    Short hairstyles for women in India have become popular with the hairstyle trends of Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Rani Mukherjee, Shilpa Shetty and Preeti Zinta. Because many hairdos and hair cuts are copied from celebrities they are called short celebrity haircuts.
    celebrity short hairstyles
    Modern bridal hairstyles are also found in plenty for short hairdos. Bridal hairstyles are crucial to compliment the bride's look, attire, features and the mood of the wedding. Selecting the right hairstyle for the great wedding day should be given deep consideration. The most popular hairstyles for brides are soft bob with a tiara, loosely defined wave or a Mohawk.
    celebrity short hairstyles 2010
    All the modern hairstyles are the variations of the older hairstyles that are designed to bring a classic, funky and sophisticated look. The classic short blunt hairstyle has returned back to fashion world. Modern bob includes bangs and waves that provide texture, amplification and class.
    celebrity short hairstyles 2011
    A short haircut offer many advantages. It can instantly create a new look in the personality of the wearer. One can change different styles for different occasions with instant results.
    black celebrity short hairstyles 2010
    It also accentuates the facial features of the celebrity and removes the eye from the weaker features. It makes a personal statement and helps to dissolve damaged strands. Short haircuts are the most demanding haircuts with ease and comfort.
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