Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aisha al-Gaddafi : Claudia Schiffer of North Africa

Aisha al-Gaddafi was born in 1976 is the daughter of former Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and his second wife Safia Farkash.  She trained with the Libyan military, getting the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. However, according to Libyan civilians, Ayesha did not merit such a high rank and was afforded that honor solely because she is Qadhafi's daughter.

She is the only daughter is a real piece of work. Growing up with her gang of tough brothers put iron in her spine. She had the chutzpah to appear on State TV yesterday smiling and dressed in a black sheered-mink coat with black fox collar. You would never have known that over a 1000 of her people had just died in the streets. Some estimates put it much higher – and it’s not over yet.

She was all smiles and charm. In some ways, she is the most diabolical of a diabolic clan.
She said she was still in Libya and spoke from her father’s bunker monument. “I only watch State TV,” she declared, admitting to the world that she is either a liar or an idiot.

Aisha is an attorney who defended Saddam Hussein as well as Muntadhar al-Zaidi who threw a shoe at Bush during a press conference in Iraq. She was a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador until yesterday when stripped of her position by the UN. Her smile said she couldn’t care less.

In 2000 after sanctions were imposed on Iraq, she arrived in Baghdad with a delegation of 69 officials. Shortly before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, she met with Saddam Hussein. In 2011, she strongly protested the policies of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Barack Obama, calling for a mediation of the Libyan Civil War through an international organization which would exclude them

Aisha has served as a mediator on behalf of the government with European Union corporations.Aisha al-Gaddafi was appointed as the United Nations Development Program National ‎Goodwill Ambassador for Libya on July 24, 2009, primarily to address the issues of HIV/AIDS, poverty and women's rights in Libya, all of which are culturally sensitive topics in the country. In February 2011 the United Nations stripped Aisha of her role as a goodwill ambassador.

On 27th August, it was reported by the Egyptian news agency Mena that Libyan rebel fighters had seen six armoured Mercedes-Benz sedans, possibly carrying top Gaddafi regime figures, cross the border at the south-western Libyan town of Ghadames towards Algeria which at the time was denied by the Algerian authorities. On 29th August, the Algerian government officially announced that Safia Farkash together with Ayesha and her brothers Muhammad and Hannibal, had crossed into Algeria early on Monday 29th August. An Algerian Foreign Ministry official said all the people in the convoy were now in Algiers, and that none of them had been named in warrants issued by the International Criminal Court for possible war crimes charges. Mourad Benmehidi, the Algerian permanent representative to the United Nations, later confirmed the details of the statement. The family had arrived at a Sahara desert entry point, in a Mercedes and a bus at 8:45 a.m. local time. The exact number of people in the party was unconfirmed, but there were “many children” and they did not include Colonel Gaddafi. Resultantly the group was allowed in on humanitarian grounds, because Aisha was pregnant in her 9th month. and the Algerian government had since informed the head of the Libyan National Transitional Council. Libya's rebels said sheltering Gaddafi family members was an act of aggression, and called for their extradition.

On 30 August, it was announced that Aisha had given birth to a baby girl. Dubbed in the Arab press as the "Claudia Schiffer of North Africa," because she regularly bleached her hair blonde. In 2006 she married Ahmed al-Gaddafi al-Qahsi, a cousin of her father's and an army colonel, to which that marriage begat four children. Her husband was allegedly killed on 26 July 2011, during the civil war. While in exile in Algeria, she gave birth to her fourth child, a baby girl on August 30, 2011.

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