Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Benarasi Sarees Collection

Benarasi Sarees Collection
Gujarat has been one of the major players when it comes to the production of Benarasi sarees collection for which a special kind of suta (thread) and zari is being used. That defines how the work of thread and zari is done exclusively in Gujarat following which it is woven into fabrics. It was in the last year when the Textile Committee of FICCI and the Surat ‘Zari’ industry felt the urge to protect this fine art from the shackles of infringement. Director FICCI Western Region Dr Vaijayanti Pandit strongly underlined the fact.

The Surat zari industry should now look at not only scaling up its manufacturing operations but also improving technology and product quality”. In turn the decision shall also secure the future of  
Benarasi sarees which stands as a strong embodiment of Indian culture and the fine craftsmen ship that the country is so proud of.
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