Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clara Costa : Paparazzo Girl, The winner favorite the Casa Bonita

Clara Costa was born  12 July 1982 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the winner the popular vote the "Casa Bonita" in paradise hotel Le Relais de Marambaia in Rio de Janeiro. Clara was the crowd favorite and won the second prize, a trip to Fernando de Noronha.
Paparazzo has an unrivaled gift of finding exactly the perfect South American beauty to make any red-bloded human bring sweat with lustful desire.  With this example, they certainly have not failed us.  Little is actually know about this little ditty, except that she appeared on “Casa Bonita” and on the pages of “Paparazzo”, both in Brazil.

Never before in the history of a country house was so beautiful. That is, until 17 Multishow can confine cats to participate in the reality show “Casa Bonita”

As Paparazzo's no fool or anything, we get the best rooms, or rather the recipients of the first and show a little more of the attributes of  Clara Costa, who won the popular vote and Monique Luchese, who took the final prize. 

The idea was to bring together the two winners of the "Casa Bonita" in paradise hotel Le Relais de Marambaia in Rio for a test breathtaking. But the competition among Monique Luchese and Clara Costa extrapolating over the walls of reality show.

"We do not talk, no contact, but I accepted the proposal in good shooting. This is page facing me. Clara is shooting who did not accept me. I think he was upset at having missed the last weeks of the program. But I am professional and do my job, "says Monique, who won the program and earned a trip to the Caribbean.

The participants of the reality show Casa Bonita Monique Luchese and Clara Costa staged together for a test where there appear almost naked sexy for Paparazzo website. This babe was featured in 2009.
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