Friday, September 9, 2011

Li Bingbing will appear in the “1911” movie with Jackie Chan

Li Bingbing is one of China's top actresses. Special attraction not only come from the beauty but also of decency and sincerity are evident from the words and behavior. She was born on February 27, 1976 in Harbin, China.

Li Bingbing is an ambassador of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), WWF's Earth Hour Ambassador, and the ambassadors of Korean culture in China.

At first Li did not want to become an actress,
she wanted to become a teacher. But when she graduated she discovered his interest in acting. Then he persuaded a friend to go to the Shanghai Drama Institute in 1993.

The first film is SEVENTEEN YEARS (1999), films that took her to get the best actress title at the Singapore Film Festival. In 2001, Li starred in the TV series YOUNG JUSTICE BAO. In that year she received predicate as one of ten actor / actress best in China.

In 2004, Li starred in a film titled WAITING ALONE romantic comedy that won three Academy Award nominations Chinese. In the same year she was elected the Most Popular Actress at the Beijing College Film Festival-12. In 2005 she was nominated as best supporting actress at the Golden Rooster Awards.

She also co-starred with Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the movie The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) as the White-haired Witch Ni-chang. She has been selected as Best Leading Actress Award at the Golden Horse Film Awards to 46 for his role in the film THE MESSAGE.

Latest film is Detective Mystery DEE AND THE PHANTOM OF THE FLAME and SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN. She also will appear in the “1911” movie with Jackie Chan.
1911, also known as Xinhai Revolution and The 1911 Revolution, is a Chinese historical drama film. The film is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution. It is also Jackie Chan's 100th film in his career. Besides starring in it, Chan is also the executive producer and director of the film. Co-stars include Chan's son Jaycee Chan, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao, Hu Ge and Joan Chen. 

The film itself is a collaboration among 26 companies that offer film production budget in excess of one hundred million yuan. Name - a name well known behind the scenes also appear, such as the executive producer Zhebin Wang, Wang and Chen Xingdong Baoguang as the author of "The Founding of the Republic" will directly handle the scriptwriting. And Jackie Chan also had a long hiatus as a director of the film will fill the position of director and co-producer of this film.

Jackie Chan will serve as the vanguard of the revolution Huang Xing and Li Bing Bing will play as his wife, Xu Zonghan,
also known as Peixuan, was born in Shanghai in 1876 as an offspring of the Xu's from Beiling Village, Xiangshan. Her ancestors moved to Shanghai in the middle of the 19th century and developed very well in business. For example, Xu Rongcun won the first prize for his silk at the World Expo, and her uncle Xu Run was distin-guished at the China Merchants Steamship Company in Shanghai.

This cooperation will be the second time for Jackie Chan and Li Bing Bing. Both have played a role in the movie "The Forbidden Kingdom" in 2008. The film will star 70 famous actors, among which are confirmed are Sun Chun (Red Cliff) who will portray Yuan Shikai, Winston Chao (Road to Dawn) who will portray Dr.Sun Yat Sen, and the son of Jackie Chan, Jaycee Chan will play a military officer in Hubei Wuchang uprising, named Zhang Zhenwu.

The movie event has taken in 1911. Huang Xin (Jacki Chan) and Sun Yat Sun (Winston Chao) are the leaders of the revolution for fighting for the people with better life. It’s therefore, they gathered together and formed an association (Tung Meng Hui) for the purpose of against the deteriorated Qing Dynasty. There are 2 uprisings to fight against the royal troops. The first one was held in  Quangzhou in April 1911. The revolutionist attacked the Governor Office but was totally failed for the reason of without adequate supply ammunition. A huge number of the revolutionist were sacrified. There were 72 corps found and buried in the place of Huang Fa Gong.

In October of the same year, another uprising Wu Cheong was set. The royal army rebelled and led by Zhang Zhen Wu (Jaycee Chan). They have successfully occupied three towns in Hu Han, seized the control of  Hu Bei Province. At the time, the Empress appointed Yuan Shi Kai and his picked soldiers to fight back immensely. Huang then commanded the Defended troop, resisted for one month the followed with success, 14 province declared independence. Sun was back and appointed as temporary president who alleged to give away the position to the one who convinced the Qing Royal to surrender. Yuan has succeeded to do so and got the authority. 

In the ended the 268 year of Reign of the Qing Dynasty and 2000 years of monarchy. The Republic was the founded. 

Please note that this is the second time Jaycee Chan and Jackie Chan appears in a same movie, where before Jackie Chan appeared as a cameo in the film, starring Jaycee Chan, entitled "Twins Effect 2". The child (Jaycee)  was cannot wait to compete acting with his father.

The film is set to be released on 23 September 2011 in China  and on 29 September 2011 in Hong Kong  and afterwards will open the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival on 22 October 2011.
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