Saturday, September 3, 2011

Talitha van Zon : Ex-Girlfriend Mutassim Al Gaddafi

Talitha van Zon  its relationship with the wrong idiotic son Kadaffi, Mutassim  was based on 'gifts' and she went back because she hoped he was treating her father (Alzheimer's) would pay.

According boxer Regilio Tuur Talitha is no dumb Barbie, but maybe that says more about than about Talitha Structure.

It works apparently contagious: Some time ago she had a friend with him on a taster, who is now complaining about abuse and rape. Talitha liability lawyer Bram Moszkowicz states. She is now safely in Malta.

Shortly before her departure from Tripoli, said Harald Doornbos. When she was very unfriendly and did not speak to the media, but they did give an interview to the Sunday Telegraph. How could it have been yet so talkative?

That story about that friend would still be a very nice tail can get. I am a bit like an inaccessible circuit, where models and prostitutes in the figure. They operate in countries where prostitution is deeply taboo, it all happens in upscale and expensive hotels.

Talitha van Zon was born 39 ago in Rotterdam and grew up in Papendrecht, Nederland. She started her modeling work with the 19 and lived for her career including New York. In November 2000, she posed for Cover Playboy Nederland.

Talitha first meet Mutassim at a nightclub in Italy, 2004. They were having an affair for three months, and decided to become friends.

Talitha terminate the relationship because Mutassim also associated with other women. During a friendship with Mutassim, Talitha enjoy a range of luxury facilities - being shown around the world, watch the Grand Prix, showered with expensive gifts like handbags Louis Vuiton, dinner attended by Princess Caroline, also a vacation to the Caribbean with Gaddafi family's private plane.

The day before the rebel forces surrounded the Tripoli, Talitha partying drinking Jack Daniels and coke to celebrate their victory over the rebels. However, after NATO launched attacks on Tripoli, Gaddafi supporting Mutassim join and leave her alone.

Talitha forced to survive and trying to get home to his country alone. But, she actually told to evacuate to a hotel median ambushed by the rebels. There, the rebels shouted "gasoline" over and over to her.

Glamorous model was never able to imagine how his fate, if she does not jump from hotel balcony to escape. Perhaps, then rebel Libya was burned alive.

Talitha  once asked Mutassim, how much money was spent for the necessities of life. Mutassim then called the lifting of U.S. $ 2 million. "I'm wondering if it's for a year. He replied lightly that it's for a month," she told the Sunday Telegraph.

According to Talitha, is idolized Mutassim leadership of Adolf Hitler, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and he wanted to be like them. However, Mutassim was always in the shadow of his brother,  Saif al Islam Gaddafi  who is considered as the main heir to the throne of Gaddafi.
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